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Patient Intake & Administration

Our intuitive service provides you with organized management of patient data and information with the ability to verify insurance eligibility on-demand, notify patients with their healthcare activities, capture and manage important notes with alert capabilities.

Contactless Capture of Patient Information, Insurance, eSignature on consent forms thru the use of WebLinks/KIOSK

Maintain a comprehensive demographics & Insurance profile

Record multiple addresses and contacts.

Manage Subscriber/guarantor relationships.

Accurately identify & track multiple verified insurance payers and the priority of the payers

Patient Intake & Administration

Claim Management

Our simplified service offers you automated processing of claims using predefined business rules and workflows that fit your operations, from ease of data entry to scheduled submissions to processing of remittances help reduce medical denials and increase reimbursements.

Process and track medical claims with a workflow-based and aging-based dashboard

Review related information, billing sheet data, and required documentation for claim submissions

Send/receive electronic data through interfaces to major clearinghouses (Claims, Remittances/Payments, Statuses)

Claim Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Our revenue cycle service delivers streamlined billing and collection processes that facilitate information through your financial system and help gain actionable insight into areas impacting revenue flow.

Administer item and fee schedule information (integrated with service and billing process)

Configure payment postings with rule-based automation or manual entry

Review/adjust invoice information and details recorded at the time of service

Process invoice payments and adjustments linked to payment postings or manual entry

Revenue Cycle Management

Predictive Analytics

Our Intelligent service lets you know, analyze and understand collected data and visualize information for making informed decisions and taking appropriate actions.

Use built-in reports for patient geographies, patient care services, billing, invoicing, claims, and more

Create customer-specific business intelligence reporting

Predictive Analytics

Document Management

Our advanced service gives you control and organization of documents originating from electronic or imaged paper-based forms, templates, letters, and others which includes content management, storage indexing, secure role-based access, and quick retrieval.

Convert and store paper-based forms to electronic documents

Use custom forms for documentation workflow

Send/receive electronic documents via email or fax

Link documents to specific records

Document Management

Robotic Process Automation

Empower front and back office staff by implementing advanced workflow automation in patient intake, Insurance Eligibility verification, Prior-Authorizations, Claims, Remittances and Payment Processing

Automate ID, Document and signature capture

Identify patient coverage and insurance benefits thru the use of EDI X12 and Payer Portals.

Automate Prior Authorization approvals, workers compensation claim appeals

Touch free claim submissions and remittance processing for service types that qualify auto claim submissions (i.e Vaccines, testing)

Daily Claim status check automation to stay on top of claims sent to payers

Reduce the dependency on manual labor to process remittances and assess patient responsibility to drop invoices with balances to patients.

Robotic Process Automation

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