Administer day-to-day patient care activities with coordinated patient record maintenance, on-demand eligibility verification, and more...


Manage medical claims with increased efficiencies using simplified billing entries, accurate submission, automatic remittance handling, and more...

Cycle Management

Manage revenue cycles with improved workflow on insurance billing, automated patient invoicing, payment processing and more...


Analyze your business using intelligent reports tailored for healthcare operations, patient tracking, and more...

Document Management

Manage and track electronic documents with an integrated tool with document and content capture, workflow, document storage and retrieval,
and more...

Why Orbit

Orbit Healthcare Management System (“OHMS“) is innovative, intuitive, interoperable, and cost-effective. Its cloud-based solution makes it accessible from anywhere internet connectivity is available and from any platform.

OHMS is designed and developed to provide an easy-to-use software with more flexibility for enhancing care provider services. It's high security features adhere to more stringent compliance rules and regulations. It's workflow-based solution ensures increased productivity. It's advanced system interfaces guarantees seamless integration with other healthcare service providers.

OHMS is an affordable, subscription-based software, built on “Pay As You Go” model (you pay per usage or flat monthly rate).

About us

Orbit Healthcare, Inc. ("Orbit", an affiliate of Sunray transnational group of companies) is a privately-held company that focuses on developing Healthcare IT systems.

Our Orbit team is staffed with highly skilled technology professionals, motivated and dedicated to improve the "quality of care", safety, financial cost-effectiveness, revenue enhancements, and efficiencies.

Our Company provides advanced technology software solutions that improve information flow between Patients, Healthcare Providers, Insurance Providers and Billing Providers to address the critical needs and reduce complexities.

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