Claim Management

Our simplified service offers you automated processing of claims using predefined business rules and workflows that fit your operations, from ease of data entry to scheduled submissions to processing of remittances help reduce medical denials and increase reimbursements.

  • Process and track medical claims with a workflow-based and aging-based dashboard
  • Review related information, billing sheet data, and required documentation for claim submissions
  • Send/receive electronic data through interfaces to major clearinghouses (Claims, Remittances/Payments, Statuses)
  • Set EDI schedule or manually process transmissions
  • Configure automated or manual remittances processing
  • Setup electronic links to financial institutions, insurance providers, payment processors, and collection agencies

Key Features

  • Use advanced record-search capabilities with smart search
  • Open multiple records (without opening and closing, one record at a time)
  • Open related records with smart links
  • Manage documents with integrated Document Management service
  • Customize "notes" with alerts, notifications, and reminders
  • View record activities with real-time log entries