Revenue Cycle Management

Our revenue cycle service delivers streamlined billing and collection processes that facilitate information through your financial system and help gain actionable insight into areas impacting revenue flow.

  • Administer item and fee schedule information (integrated with service and billing process)
  • Configure payment postings with rule-based automation or manual entry
  • Review/adjust invoice information and details recorded at the time of service
  • Process invoice payments and adjustments linked to payment postings or manual entry
  • Manage insurance billing through Claims Management service
  • Setup customer invoicing with rule-based automation or manual entry
  • Set payment reconciliations with business-specific rules

Key Features

  • Use advanced record-search capabilities with smart search
  • Open multiple records (without opening and closing, one record at a time)
  • Open related records with smart links
  • Manage documents with integrated Document Management service
  • Customize "notes" with alerts, notifications, and reminders
  • View record activities with real-time log entries