Physicians Practice Management

Our solution for day-to-day patient care activities with coordinated patient record maintenance, better appointment scheduling, improved patient visit experience with definable queues, optimized physician & resource planning, and facilitated billing services.

Schedule patient appointments with optimized care provider availability settings

Attend to patient visits using a process-driven work queue

Manage post-visit activities on a dashboard with time-sensitive view

Enter billing sheet data and related information through self-guiding user interface

Plan physician and staff availability through resource scheduling

physician practice management solution

Patient Transport Management

Our solution for non-emergency medical transport provides real-time dispatching, optimized scheduling of medical resources and vehicles, easy access to patient records, and efficient revenue collections.

Identify and verify patient information with easy-to-access records

Plan technician and vehicle availability through resource scheduling

Dispatch vehicle and track routes

patient transporter management solution

DME/HME Providers

Our solution for DME/HME order processing developed for advanced equipment manufacturers, resellers and distributors to manage patient procurement processes from customer data collection to patient order tracking to delivery with ability to capture medical/supporting documentation, process medical claims, and facilitate revenue generation.

Manage and track leads

Collect customer data and required documents

Process and track customer orders using a workflow-driven process

Track customer assets

Schedule auto reorders for recurring supplies

dme/hme provider solution

Visiting Physicians Charge Capture

Developed to meet the demand & needs of growing visiting physicians. System designed to enable the care providers spend more time in servicing and less time in documentation. Mobility is the key success factor for the physicians who provide and document services rendered at home/remote site services including but not limited to Skilled Nursing Facilities, Outpatient centers, Rehabilitation centers.

Mobile charge capture application to capture the patient information, documents & Services

Reduce the overall time spent manually capturing, entering , filing and storing Documents during new patient intake

Document MIPS measures along with the services rendered

Automate coding and billing activities thru the use of rule engine that can convert captured services into claim records with very minimal manual effort

Thru the use included RPA modules post the progress notes captured during the visit back into facility EMR systems

visiting physician solution

Supportive Healthcare Services

Designed to help agencies with direct support service professional on board to service the IDD-BHS community. Agencies who provide services at home and residential support may embrace the purpose built platform that can track all activities from Individual intake, Housing, Scheduling, tracking and claims Billing.

Track & manage incoming Leads from care coordinators

Electronically Capture and manage Individual Support plan documentation & related documents

Schedule & Manage single/Multiple appointments for individual or group sessions

Built in Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) enforces the state mandated compliance

Claim created based on the Support activity logs captured against ISPs making virtually all outdoor claims touch free

Track & pay support staff hours thru the mobile time capture application used by support professionals during the sessions

supportive healthcare services solutions

Pharmacy Providers

Our solution for Pharmacies is developed to accommodate the growing need of medical insurance billing for the clinical services pharmacies may provide. Our software that comes with managed medical billing service allow pharmacist to focus more time on care than collecting and filing paperwork needed to bill the medical insurance. Pharmacies providing COVID19 related services including but not limited to vaccine administration, testing and treatment for uninsured patients may leverage our HRSA uninsured billing services as a part of our billing services. Listed below are some of the clinical workflow automation features part of the cloud platform.

Online Patient scheduling thru the use of intake URL

Contactless check-in to facilitate collection of data and documents required for medical insurance billing

Self-service kiosks for walk-in patients

Realtime patient insurance eligibility and benefit verification

Configure and capture clinical documentation required thru the use of easy-to-easy templates and smart forms as needed to stay compliant

pharmacy provider intake & billing solution